Training Flight 5 2024-05-17

Scheduled for tomorrow, 18 May from 52 km.   The pigeons at Victoria Falls are progressing well. In the last live online toss the trackers show that the birds are flying straight home although we are still having casualties from hawks. The late shipment pigeons have now caught up on training and have joined the main flock and are included on the list.   The bonus racing competitions are very competitive and are hotting up. Join the fun where y.....

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Race Week 23-28 July 2024 2024-05-15

Race Week Bookings   A reminder that our race week is from Tuesday 23rd July to Sunday 28th July 2024. Here is the events programme -   Insika Lodge is next door to the loft, watch their promo video here -   There is high .....

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Training Flight 4 2024-05-13

Scheduled for tomorrow, 14 May from 62 km.   For Sale Donor pigeons are available for activation. Click BUY NOW on any basketing list or result.   Bonus Races are open!   You can view the race on our Home Page: Basketing List -

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Donor Birds available to activate 2024-05-10

Buying Donor Birds   All Donor / Venture Racers at 15:00 hrs CAT on Monday 13th May will have a “BOOK NOW” button next to them on any basketing list or flight result.   The rights for Venture Racers will be offered for sale on the website to anyone wishing to pay the activation fee. This includes non-pigeon fanciers, other fanciers, or the donor/breeder. All rights will pass.....

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Training Flight 3 and For Sale Donor birds 2024-05-09

Training Flight 3 Scheduled for tomorrow, 10 May from 42 km. Winter daytime temperatures have been up to 34 degrees Celsius (93 deg F) so we are hoping for a drop in temperatures soon. In the meantime, the pigeons are healthy and responding well to the training.   For Sale Donor pigeons will be available for activation on Monday 13th May. Full details of the process will be sent out tomorrow.  .....

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Training Flight 2 2024-05-06

Scheduled for tomorrow, 7 May from 47 km. Even though winter months have started the temperature today reached 32 degrees Celsius (90 deg F). The pigeons have been loft flying since Training Flight 1 and are working well around the loft. Hawks and Falcons are a hazard, but the pigeons are more able to cope with them as they gain fitness and experience.    Bonus Races are open!   You can view the race on our Home Page: &nb.....

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Training Flight 1 2024-05-02

Intensive training as been undertaken at Victoria Falls in preparation for Training Flight 1 which is scheduled for tomorrow, 3 May. The pigeons are in super health and condition, and we believe are ready to undertake the rigorous race program where the quality birds will come to the fore. There is a HOLD BACK list on which there are several hawk injuries which need time to recover. Also shown on the list are pigeons that arrived late after being held up in quarantine. These l.....

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Loft List. Build up to 1st live Training Flight 2024-04-24

Our training is on-track for the first live toss planned for 3rd May. The road training has intensified, and the pigeons are responding well.   The weather has been reasonable with clear skies and moderate temperatures in the low 30 degrees Celsius (85 to 90 deg F). We expect temperatures to drop as we now go into the short winter months. There are daily hawk attacks which scatter the pigeons far and wide, but the pigeons are getting fitter and wiser with time. &n.....

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Loft List – 12 April 2024-04-12

Since the last loft list the pigeons are being flagged and tossed daily from short distances in small groups. They are flying well and are learning to cope with hawk attacks with experience and as they gain fitness. The very high temperatures have cooled with the recent rains we have received. Central to Southern Africa, including the whole of Zimbabwe is in the midst of a devastating drought which will make racing difficult. We have shortened the 6 Hotspot races and the Final in anticipation.....

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Loft List 2024-03-21

Please see the latest loft list here –   We are happy with the progress and will only start road training when the pigeons are ranging well. The numbers will fluctuate as some pigeons might not trap for a couple of days.   Birds were entered into teams randomly by the system. Please remember that you can move birds between teams up to 31 .....

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SUMMARY Total Prizes
Final Race US$ 600,000 350
Super Ace US$ 300,000 100
6 Hotspot Races US$ 200,000 270
Grand Averages US$ 75,000 25
Elite Competition US$ 65,000 10
Knock-Out Competition US$ 10,000 1
Running Race
Name: Training Flight 5
Distance: 52km
Liberation Point: 52 km
Release Time: 2024-05-18 07:00:00
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2024 Final Race Date

26th July 2024

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