1st Bird List 2023-09-28

Bird List 28 September   Herewith the first list of birds which have completed quarantine –   We still have a shipment from Turkey and the second European shipment (arriving with us today) in quarantine. They will appear on the next Loft List together with more birds that arrive.   Thank you to all fa.....

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Current Highlights 2023-09-22

INTAKE FOR 2024 SEASON STILL OPEN!   Don’t miss out on the intake for next year’s Yearling Series; the last intake is in November 2023. Get in touch with an agent near you NOW to send your birds -   Shipment Arrivals   We have received 8 shipments of pigeons so far from the following fancier countries; Aus.....

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A chance to own a true racing legend! 2023-09-12

Are you in search of a high-flying champion for your pigeon loft? Look no further!   Fact: Many top performers are bred from pigeons who completed the Final in previous years.   Did you know that many top-performing pigeons that survive the tough conditions at Victoria Falls when crossed with good racers in fanciers' lofts often produce birds that excel?   Visit the PIPA auction and get your hands on a top perform.....

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PIPA Auction ends 17 September 2023-09-10

There are 225 of the best performing pigeons in the 2023 Yearling Series on auction on PIPA -   Don’t miss out on buying some incredible birds!   Best regards, The Victoria Falls Team.....

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Pigeon Duiwe News TV & Prize Giving Ceremony 2023 2023-08-11

Pigeon Duiwe News TV Thank you to Pigeon Duiwe News from South Africa for attending and filming during our final race week. Watch this episode they published -   Prize Giving Ceremony 2023 Please also watch the following video of our Prize Giving ceremony - .....

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Intake open! Terms for 2024 season 2023-08-06

Current Intake for 2024   We have started our intake for next years’ Yearling Series and the last receipt by us will be 8 December. Please contact an agent for exact intake dates if you are sending to the race –   The Terms and Conditions are on our website under the Terms drop down. Downloadable versions and Entry Forms are here - .....

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Auctions of 2023 Final Race birds 2023-08-02

Watch this video from Frank McLaughlin regarding grading the pigeons for auction -   Please find below the lists of pigeons selected for the PIPA auction (227 birds) and Best Pigeons auction (41 birds). The remaining birds which have come back can be bought back by the activators based on the following;   1.  We have a space constraint in the shipment and quarantine so first .....

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FINAL RACE Prize Money & GPS Trackers 2023-08-01

RACE REPORT FINAL RACE 2023   The Final Race was held from Masvingo 583 km from the loft. The weather was clear with good visibility and a Northeast to North wind (side and headwind) over the whole distance. The wind was variable from 8 to 15 km per hour. The maximum temperature did not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. 735 pigeons were sent to the race. The first pigeon clocked after 8 hours 18 minutes of flying with a velocity of 1170 m/min and 45 minu.....

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Final Race Cut-off 2023-07-29

As per the rules, the VFWC Final Race will close at 18:00 CAT today. To enable entrants to see if they have late returning pigeons the clock will remain on but results after 18:00 will not count. Best Regards, The Victoria Falls Team.....

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Birds have been liberated! 2023-07-28

The birds have been liberated from Masvingo at 06.45 CAT as planned. It is a beautiful day with clear skies. There is an 8 km/hr headwind at liberation. Best of luck to all participants! Pooling is still open for 4 hours until 11.45 CAT - ENTER NOW!.....

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$1,250,000 USD Enter Now

SUMMARY Total Prizes
Final Race US$ 600,000 350
Super Ace US$ 300,000 100
6 Hotspot Races US$ 200,000 270
Grand Averages US$ 75,000 25
Elite Competition US$ 65,000 10
Knock-Out Competition US$ 10,000 1
2024 Final Race Date

2nd August 2024

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