Important Information & Current Loft List 2023-03-28

Squad allocations & first bird payments by 15 April   All birds have been allocated into Squads of 4 based on Entry Forms received. Where no Entry Form was given then they were allocated randomly.   We have a NEW FEATURE in your login where you can move birds between Squads if the allocations are incorrect (My Account, Pigeons, Change Squad Orders). This can be done up until midnight CAT on 15 April. There.....

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Race Week Accommodation Filling Fast 2023-03-22

We have a new stunning Insika Lodge on the same property as our loft! July is a busy tourism season in Victoria Falls and the hotels are filling up quickly. To avoid disappointment please get your booking in soon. We are still holding ALL rooms with Insika Lodge and Shongwe Oasis so you can ONLY book them through us! (at the best rate) Book your stay for this year's Final Race Week in July 2023 - .....

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Sale of Enduro Pigeons & Latest Loft List 2023-03-14

Sale of Enduro Pigeons   The final shipment of pigeons for sale were send at the end of last week to Kuwait. These pigeons were destined for South Africa to be sold there. Unfortunately, we were not able to obtain the necessary permits to allow pigeons entry into South Africa.   We apologise to South African buyers who were looking forward to purchasing pigeons from VFWCPR in South Africa. We will continue to try and open the door and.....

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Latest Loft Inventory 2023-03-02

Here is a list of all pigeons in the loft at Victoria Falls –   The first intake of pigeons has been out and exercising since the end of October 2022 and others over a shorter period depending on the intake date. Some pigeons have been lost in orientation however some lost pigeons return to the loft and others go missing from time to time. The list will there.....

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Birds out enjoying the sunshine! 2023-02-27

Watch here –  .....

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2023 Intake for 2024 Yearling Series 2023-02-24

To all our valued Fanciers,   Victoria Falls World Challenge will be receiving pigeons from 1st August to 8th December 2023.   All birds must bear 2023 rings.   For the 1st shipment in August pigeons will have to be collected in July for pre-shipping testing and clearance.   Please check with your respective agents / shippers for exact dates and details -

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Race Week Events & Accommodation 2023-02-20

A new stunning Insika Lodge has just opened right next door to our loft!   Book your stay there or with one of the other great properties we recommend in Victoria Falls for this year's Final Race Week in July 2023 -   We have some great deals if you “book your stay” through us!   Our Race Week Events programme will be full o.....

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Loft List 2023-02-09

Herewith the list of all pigeons that had electronic rings assigned to them excluding any mortalities –   All ring couplings have been checked to ensure there are no mistakes, missing or dud rings. We still have 2 groups to complete quarantine, 50 from USA and 230 from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia which will have electronic rings assigned when they arrive. .....

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Results of Survey on Venture Birds 2023-02-08

A survey was conducted to establish the opinion from current fanciers on increasing venture birds in the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race.   Thank you for those that completed the survey and made useful suggestions. 112 people responded and the results were that 63.39% had no objection and 36.61% did not like the idea.   We have decided that there is not enough support for the idea and we will therefore NOT be increasing the venture .....

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Enduro Auctions 2023-02-06

The exports of pigeons to USA and Kuwait have been done. We have allocated some of the pigeons for South Africa but we still don't have the necessary permits to import into South Africa. We are hopeful that these will be received soon. If not we will make alternative arrangements as all birds must be exported for sale. The South African shipment remains in quarantine until permits are in hand. Please see the auction lists below. The dates for the Best Pigeons USA auction as we.....

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$1,500,000 USD Enter Now

SUMMARY Total Prizes
Super Ace US$ 800,000 350
Final Race US$ 400,000 200
Team Competition US$ 200,000 5
Hotspot Races US$ 75,000 60
Grand Averages US$ 12,000 3
Knock-Out Competition US$ 10,000 1
Club Competition US$ 3,000 3
2023 Final Race Date

28th July 2023

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