Intake dates for 2025 Race Season 2024-02-27

Announcement of intake dates for the 2025 Race Season Now that the intake for 2024 is complete we wish to advise our valued clients of the intake dates for the 2025 Yearling Series. Breeding should be planned taking into account when our quarantine loft will open and the desired age when the birds enter the race loft. Birds for specific intakes should be delivered to agents or shippers before the intake dates into Zimbabwe. Exact intake dates will be a.....

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Loft List 2024-02-08

The pigeons are doing well here in Victoria Falls and are in super health. Many are in heavy body moult and are confined under the nets at the moment not to hinder the moult. Please see the latest loft list here – Please let us know urgently if you notice any errors. Please be reminded that fanciers that owe any money, even if partial fees have been paid, .....

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Loft List 2024-01-23

Almost all of the pigeons for the 2024 season are now in the Race Loft and are on the current loft list –   There are 340 pigeons still at our quarantine site which are not included on the loft list as they are waiting for veterinary clearance before they will be transferred to the Race Loft.   The pigeons are in good health and great con.....

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Loft List and latest news 2023-12-15

Loft List Please see the current loft list of new birds which have moved to the race loft and previous entries that have had perch fees and initial activations paid – There are other pigeons still in quarantine and more shipments being received. Replacement pigeons by now should have been sent. Kindly check the list and let us know if there are a.....

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Final Race date 26 July 2024 2023-12-05

Please note that the original final race date was planned for Friday 2nd August 2024. Unfortunately the accommodation that week in which we had intended to hold the events is fully booked and in fact many bookings are being made 2 years in advance. We have secured accommodation at Insika Lodge (next door to the pigeon loft) and Shongwe Lookout for the 22nd July to 28th July.   In order to fit in with available accommodation the Final Race will therefore be held on Friday .....

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Intake newsflash 2023-11-30

The intake to Victoria Falls is closing soon. We have had unprecedented challenges for us because of serious outbreaks of Avian Influenza in the neighbouring country South Africa. Extra precautions have been implemented by our state vets to safeguard the poultry industry in Zimbabwe.   Our intake numbers are less than hoped for this year but there is still a chance to enter from some regions. The last pigeons must be received in Zimbabwe by 31st December 2023. This means .....

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Loft List 22 November 2023-11-22

The deadline for the Victoria Falls One Loft Pigeon Race intake is fast approaching! Don't miss out on your chance to win big in the 2024 race. Contact your agent now for any final intake dates!   Loft List   Please find herewith the latest l.....

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News 2023-11-12

A reminder that the last Animals to Fly intake is this coming week 12-17 November in the Netherlands.   Contact an agent now to send your birds! -   Please find out the last intake dates for other country shippers directly from them.   Kuwait Auction – 2023 season.....

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Loft List & latest news 2023-10-27

  Are you ready for the challenge? Watch this -   Intake is still open! Contact an Agent -   Loft List & activations/perch fee payments Herewith the latest list of birds which ar.....

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1st Bird List 2023-09-28

Bird List 28 September   Herewith the first list of birds which have completed quarantine –   We still have a shipment from Turkey and the second European shipment (arriving with us today) in quarantine. They will appear on the next Loft List together with more birds that arrive.   Thank you to all fa.....

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SUMMARY Total Prizes
Final Race US$ 600,000 350
Super Ace US$ 300,000 100
6 Hotspot Races US$ 200,000 270
Grand Averages US$ 75,000 25
Elite Competition US$ 65,000 10
Knock-Out Competition US$ 10,000 1
2024 Final Race Date

26th July 2024

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