Current Bird List - 2017-11-08

Herewith the link to the current list of birds in the loft (1985 birds) as at 8 November; Any reference, for example a fancier name, can be typed in the "Filter entries" box to see related birds. There may be a few birds still out which have not come back yet. To date we have had 17 short training flights...... read more

Updated Bird List - 2017-10-15

We have now completed the coupling of electronic rings to all the remaining pigeons at Victoria Falls. (Herewith a video of it: ) After quarantine, breaking in at the Victoria Falls race loft and initial short training tosses we are pleased to announce that we still have 2057 birds ready to continue with the rigorous program which lies ahead. We have improved video coverage and will be live streaming many more training tosses on YouTube. Only team birds which are activated before Hotspot 1 will qualify for the ACE bird competition. Separate to this, for interest sake and recognition, we will also run a grand average of all training tosses and races for all the pigeons in the loft. Please see below the list of pigeons as at 15 October that have made it so far. There may be a few birds which were o..... read more

PIPA Auction Results - 2017-10-03

The VFWCPR Auction has been completed by PIPA, the leading Auction Facility of high quality pigeons. The Auction was highly successful, raising €75 575 on 36 pigeons. Congratulations to the buyers and breeders, and a big thank you to PIPA for a professional job done!  ..... read more

PIPA auction running - 2017-09-27

The PIPA auction is currently running and ends on 1 October at 14.30 Don't miss this opportunity to bid on 36 of the top performing birds from our first season of racing under tough conditions! Herewith the link to the auction  ..... read more

PIPA auction moved to 18 September - 2017-09-01

We have been informed by PIPA that the auction of 36 of the top birds from our Jan 2017 race has been moved by 2 weeks. It will run from 18 September to 1 October on their website. We will post the link once available. Apologies for any inconvenience caused...... read more

Bird Stats - 2017-08-25

  Thank you to all the fanciers who have sent birds to us this season. We are pleased to announce that we have received a total of 2279 pigeons.   Current season (2017/2018) Total birds received 2279 % of birds received Mortalities in quarantine 64 2.8% Mortalities during orientation 18 0.8% Total mortalities 82 3.6%   La..... read more

Country split of birds entered - 2017-08-25

   ..... read more

Update on this year's birds - 2017-07-20

Things are progressing well at the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race. We are happy to report that at this stage the mortalities are significantly less during quarantine compared to last year. We have had a comprehensive health and vaccination program and the pigeons are looking well. Numbers are swelling at the race loft as we add new pigeons to the flock. We are seeing that pigeons are settling quickly as they are added to the free flying pigeons after a short containment period. Soon a further 1200 pigeons from our quarantine site will join the main flock, once their mandatory quarantine period is over. A further shipment of pigeons from Europe will be received shortly and will be open until about the 10th of August to receive any late entries. We have increased the camera coverage at the lofts and will live stream training tosses from an early stage. We will also have "pooling" available where entrants can enter the pools on a weekly bases..... read more

PIPA & USA Auctions update - 2017-07-18

The pigeons from last season which were sent to PIPA and USA for auction have been in those countries for a little while now. The auctions will be conducted as follows; PIPA auction will be from 4 September to 17 September online; USA auction will only be in February 2018 as it will be done in Las Vegas at a pigeon gala event and auction, so as to maximise sale prices. More details of how this will work will follow closer to the time.   ..... read more

Middle Eastern birds received - 2017-07-10

The last of the pigeons from the Middle East have been received for 2017/2018. A fantastic effort with 344 pigeons from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait who have sent a strong team to defend the title of first place in the inaugural Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race. This USD 200 000 first prize was won last season by Bader AlJewesry of Kuwait, seen here holding his prized trophy and certificate...... read more

Update - 2017-06-08

The quarantine of the first shipment of pigeons received from USA and Europe is due to be lifted this coming week. After which small groups will be released from under the nets around the loft at Victoria Falls and the group will be added to in increasing numbers as they settle in. So far we have had 11 mortalities in total between the quarantine in Victoria Falls and our new quarantine site in Harare together. We have had a number of sick pigeons which are receiving individual treatment and hand feeding to ensure their nutrition remains adequate. So far we have managed to pull through 24 previously sick  pigeons and return them to the main loft . These birds showed little chance of survival but now look quite normal and are eating well. A strict bio-security and health program is being used as well as vaccination boosters being given to try and limit mortalities with new imports. So far we have received  782 pigeons and a further 493 are due to arr..... read more

Auction Part 4 & Shipping dates from South Africa - 2017-05-19

  For the South African auction the last 44 pigeons have been loaded on the auction site  There are some big names in the pigeon sport who have pigeons on this sale. Premier Stud, Willie Munnik, GJT Lofts, Samuels Loft, Martin and Hein Beneke to name but a few. Remember the cost of getting the pigeons to South Africa is included in the price. This auction ends on Friday 26 May 2017 at 20h00. Regarding the previous auctions, if there is a pigeon(s) that was not sold, contact us and we can see if we can arrange the sale of the pigeon to you at R 1400.   2017 Season ..... read more

Birds in quarantine - 2017-05-11

The birds in quarantine are doing very well. Watch these videos to see; read more

Extended shipping dates - 2017-05-10

We have had requests to receive pigeons in July as the breeding season in Europe has been delayed by cold weather in January. We have therefore made arrangements with the Dutch Quarantine and Veterinary Services (DQVS) to take one last intake in for the race. Intake Thursday 6th July at DQVS. Please phone to make prior arrangements to book the pigeons in (Telephone +31 (0) 235577990) or organise it through your agent.  The quarantine loft in Zimbabwe will therefore also receive pigeons from other shippers (outside of Europe) between Monday 24th July and Friday 28th July. If you have any pigeons for this shipment please contact your agent to ensure that they receive the birds from you in advance for veterinary testing. Herewith the agent list;  ..... read more

Jan 2017 final race video - 2017-04-28

If you have not yet seen the video from our final race week, click on this link;  ..... read more

First USA and Europe shipments - 2017-04-27

We are pleased to announce the we have received our first overseas shipments from USA and Europe! The birds are settling in nicely in their new loft under quarantine. All arrived in good shape and are eating and drinking well. Credit must go to John E Nelson from USA and Animals To Fly in Netherlands for a job well done. We eagerly await the first shipment from Kuwait due early May. Herewith some videos of the shipments received;    ..... read more

Part 2 & 3 of SA Auction - 2017-04-27

The first of 3 auctions is complete having been done online by Robert Swanepoel in South Africa on behalf of VFWCPR. Part 2 and 3 are now on the site, with some pedigrees still to be loaded. The starting bid on this site is ZAR 1400 per pigeon and it includes the shipping and quarantine to get the pigeons to South Africa. We cannot send them out of South Africa. Bidding for part 2 will close on 12 May and part 3 on 15 May. After that preparations will be made to export birds to SA buyers. Please make payment in time to meet the shipping dates to be planned. Updates on the PIPA and USA auctions will follow in due course.  ..... read more

Auctions - 2017-03-27

The pigeons from the first season of the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race will be auctioned as follows; 36 pigeons have been selected by PIPA to be sent to and auctioned by them (see list below). 50 pigeons have been chosen to go to USA for auction (see list below). Details of the above 2 auctions will be published in due course once the birds have undergone quarantine and shipment. The remaining birds are being auctioned on and the top 100 birds from the final (which are not going to PIPA or USA) have been loaded. The starting bid on this site is ZAR 1400 per pigeon and it includes the shipping and quarantine to get the pigeons to South Africa. If you have pedigrees available for any of the pigeons on this site please forward to  Pigeons ..... read more

Newsflash - 2017-03-23

The Victoria Falls WCPR team has been busy since the final race on 28 January. All pigeons have been moved and selected in preparation for export and sale. The loft in Victoria Falls has had some modifications done to it and it has been cleaned and sterilised in preparation of the new intake. The new quarantine station in Harare is coming on steadily and will be ready to receive pigeons this year. All the necessary import permits have been received and sent to the shippers in the respective regions and we now await the first shipments in April. 84 pigeons will be sent overseas to be auctioned by PIPA and another auction house. The balance of the pigeons will be auctioned online through the site My Pigeon Auctions for this year. The shipment of pigeons overseas is a lengthy and complicated process as they need to be quarantined twice and this will take several months. We will keep everyone informed of the progress. Any birds purchased online through My Pigeon ..... read more

Australian birds - 2017-03-23

We have been advised by Australian vets not to receive any pigeons from Western Australia because of the outbreak of Rotavirus in the East. The chances of bringing Rotavirus to Victoria Falls are extremely unlikely because of the quarantine and testing procedures in place. Nevertheless it is regretted that we cannot take the chance given the potential devastating effect the spread of this virus outside Australia could have. We sincerely apologise for this and hope that we will get Australian support next year. We do have good quality pigeons available from our stud if one wishes to enter a team. Best regards...... read more

Final Prize Money Results - 2017-02-06

The final of the inaugural Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race was held on Saturday 28th January. The race proved to be a challenge for the pigeons because of rainy weather en route. The sky was cloudy at the liberation point 410 km to the south but not raining, however within 60 km the pigeons encountered scatted rain showers. The wind was from the North West (direct headwind) at 10 to 14 km per hour. Approximately 120 fanciers and on-lookers were present at the lofts to witness the first 3 pigeons arrive at 14.35 over 8 hours after liberation. There were some anxious minutes as the 1st pigeon belonging to Bader AlJewesry of Kuwait eventually trapped at 14.47 recording a speed of 800.17 meters per minute earning the 1st prize of USD 200 000 This was closely followed by a pigeon Jaws 1 belonging to Ado Family Loft of United States with a speed of 799.6 meters per minute earning USD 100 000. Some more anxious minutes passed before the third pigeon named Klaas f..... read more

At the race! - 2017-01-28

Birds were liberated at 6.15 this morning in overcast weather and with no wind. There is plenty of rain about along the way which they will need to navigate. There is a great vibe at the loft with many people gathered to wait for the birds to come in. If you are not at the loft then we trust that you are either watching the race live at our stand at the Olympiad show in Brussels or following the results and camera streaming live on the internet. Please note that per our terms and conditions for this year the ACE pigeon needs to come back from this final race by 12.00 tomorrow. We therefore can only officially announce the ACE bird results after 12.00 tomorrow, Sunday the 29th. Best of luck to all entrants and may the best pigeon win!  ..... read more

Final list of birds - 2017-01-27

Final changes have been made to the basketing list for a few pigeons which were sold today. Activations are now closed. Planned liberation is 06.00 tomorrow morning. Good luck to all entrants! ..... read more

Race Week Events underway! - 2017-01-26

Our race week events kicked off last night with a cocktail party at Lookout Cafe, overlooking the gorge and bridge with the mist from the falls in the background. Guests started arriving yesterday, there were loft visits this morning and we are currently checking and basketing the birds for the final. Welcome to all those that are arriving! and to everyone that could not make it this year we hope to see you at the next final race!..... read more

Birds still for sale! - 2017-01-26

Herewith a list of birds which are still for sale. Last day for activation is tomorrow, Friday!   # Fancier Team Pigeon Country Name 1 Abdulaziz Alkandari -- 2016KW-028514 Kuwait Lucky-1 (For Sale) 2 Divine Lofts -- BYO 2137 Zimbabwe Neo (For Sale) 3 Divine..... read more

Final Race! - 2017-01-26

The basketing for the Final Race has been completed! Thank you to all the fanciers who helped with it this afternoon as well as the Deloitte auditor for doing the life ring check. The baskets are sealed and the truck has been locked. Herewith the basketing list; There are still some birds available for sale- please look for them on the basketing list (type For Sale in the Filter entries box) or check our news feed on our website for the list. We will accept any activations received (with a proof of payment) before 19.00 CAT tomorrow, Friday night. Please get confirmation for the bird you want. Watch the results live on Saturday; ..... read more

Loft List - 2017-01-24

Herewith the current Loft List of 417 birds.  Basketing for the final race will commence at 15.00 on Thursday the 26th Jan. Ensure that pigeons you are wanting to activate are done so before the race! Fancier Team Pigeon Country Name Anton & Friends -- ZA16 22164 Australia Little Surprise (Donor- Anton & Friends) (Activated) Anton & Friends -- ZA16 22169 Australia Little Joy (Activated) ..... read more

Bird List - 2016-10-20

Summary Birds received into the Vic Falls loft 1710   From 1 July - 20 Aug Mortalities during quarantine 170   10% From 1 July - 19 Sep Losses during orientation and initial training 140   8%   From 20 Sep to 20 Oct..... read more

Participant list 2016/2017 - 2016-10-04

  Herewith the list of participants for this race season;   Angola Simbarashe Tinofirei   Australia Anton & Friends SRC 88 / Nigel Coffey   Shurugwe Phantom   ..... read more

VFWCPR State of the Race - 2016-10-01

From Dr Wim Peters – Race Director It has been a while since we communicated the happenings at the Victoria Falls loft apart from our frequent posts on social media. The most important news is that the nets have all been taken down and the birds have had their first experience of total freedom under the African sky.  Most have preferred to fly from one rooftop to the rooftop on the other wing of the loft and back again a few times not yet venturing to explore their surroundings.  This is understandable as, for the last few months, they have not been allowed to roam freely.  There are some that have taken to the air with gusto, flying wildly in all directions.  I am sure that, within the next few days, they will begin to form ‘packs’ as pigeons are want to do, and explore over a wider area. We were visited yesterday and today by what is believed to be a honey buzzard, which did make a few feeble attempts a..... read more

Bird intake 2016 complete - 2016-08-26

A huge thank you to all the fanciers worldwide who have sent us birds this year. Our final shipments are in and we are pleased to announce that the total number of birds received for our first race season is 1710. Countries represented in this year’s race are; Angola, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Kuwait, Namibia, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom, United States of America, Zimbabwe The pigeons are out under the net getting used to their surroundings prior to commencement of training. We have not yet received all entry forms and information. Once we have this the loft list will be viewable on our website...... read more

Video from our opening week! - 2016-06-14

The video from our Familiarisation Tour & Loft Opening is done. Please view it here; Thank you Reel Life Productions for another great video!..... read more

“PIPA discovers cut diamond in one loft racing..” - 2016-06-05

A great heading from PIPA’s article regarding their visit! We had an amazing week with some international guests coming out for a familiarisation tour of the newly completed pigeon loft as well as Victoria Falls. PIPA’s incredible article must be read! Thank you to all our guests who came out to visit us; it was certainly an enjoyable week for us all! A video of the week will be posted soon...... read more

Loft completed! - 2016-05-20

We are very excited to announce that we are having a familiarisation tour of the completed pigeon loft as well as Victoria Falls. This is happening next week! Some international guests are coming out for it including Benzing and PIPA. Our local partners the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust will also be in attendance. A representative from the Ministry of Tourism will be cutting the ribbon at our loft unveiling ceremony on Thursday the 26th. We have a film crew who will be making videos of the completed loft and some of the events that will take place. A full 3D walk through of the lofts will be posted on Facebook and our website after the event. In the meantime here are a few pictures of the finishing touches that were being done this last week, particularly the signage being put up. Watch this space for the feedback of the event! To see all the current loft pictures click here read more

The Team - 2016-04-28

The beginning of May is fast approaching.  That means that the VFWCPR must rapidly ‘get all its ducks in a row’ for the final stages.  And, after a few hiccups, the ‘Vic Falls team’ is complete.  Without any exaggeration, it could be called the ‘Pigeon A-Team’. The Pigeon A-team has a very strong team of investors and brilliant communicators in Karen Taylor CA(SA) and her helpers.  A force to be reckoned with is tasked to look after the fitness, training and welfare of the pigeons in the loft.   At the helm is General Manager Geoff Armand, an experienced campaigner in both business and 45 years in racing pigeons. Helping him is Race Director and Veterinarian, Dr Wim Peters with 25 years of private practice and more than 50 years’ experience in pigeon racing, able to say that he was crowned Champion in all the Organisations (7) in which he competed. It further gives us great pleasure to..... read more

Have a shot at winning a share of US$700,000 prize money by buying rights to a racing pigeon at Victoria Falls - 2016-04-08

Hello everyone! Would you enjoy an interesting event you can follow with growing excitement and anticipation that will benefit wildlife? Here’s an enticing offer that will keep you “tuned in” for months with the prospect of a healthy share of US$700,000 prize money for minimal outlay. Have a flutter on a feathered friend and be part of a global pigeon racing event at a “Wonder of the World” in the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race that culminates with the final race on 28 January 2017. Here’s how. In the two months between November 12 this year and January 7 next year there will be five “hot spot” training races all finishing at the new world-class loft near the banks of the Zambezi River at Victoria Falls. Each of these races offers US$30,000 prize money, graded for the first 10 positions, and the final race held on January 28, 2017 has a total prize money of US$500,000. YOU can be part of it by sele..... read more