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Loft List - 2 March & Updates to Website - 2021-03-02
Loft List – 2 March The pigeons are in good health and from 6 March we will start to chase them off the loft roof to get all of them flying. Herewith an updated Loft List;   ..... read more
Loft List - 1 Feb & FOR SALE RACERS OPEN FOR SALE - 2021-02-01
Loft List - 1 Feb 2021 The last shipment of pigeons has settled in well and the health of the flock is good. The pigeons are trapping well when being called into the loft for feed. There has been a lot of rain from tropical storms and th..... read more
Race Loft List – 31 Dec – Intake closed - 2020-12-31
THANK YOU TO ALL FANCIERS WHO HAVE SENT US PIGEONS THIS SEASON AS WELL AS TO ALL OUR INCREDIBLE AGENTS AND SHIPPERS!   Race Loft List – 31 Dec – Intake closed Our quarantine period is officially finished ..... read more

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30th July 2021

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