Join us at Africa’s most majestic and safest tourist destination for a world class One-Loft race!

Victoria Falls, one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, is the sublime Southern African location for a US$700,000 One-Loft race series, now entering its second year.

The final young bird race in January is over 400km in tough, arid African conditions that is a test-of-the-best and a supreme showcase for the world’s top breeders. This was evident during our first race season with tough races and a final race on 28 January 2017 with the winning velocity of only 800.17 meters per minute. The ACE pigeon had an average velocity of 1002.96 meters per minute over 6 races.

The US$700,000 annual prize money includes the lucrativ..... read more


Current Bird List - 2017-11-08

Herewith the link to the current list of birds in the loft (1985 birds) as at 8 November; https://www.oneloftrace.live/?page=8&loft_id=35&flight_id=1510057208&season_id=3 Any reference, for example a fancier name, can be typed in the "Filter entries" box to see related birds. There may be a few birds still out which have not come back yet. To date we have had 17 short training flights...... read more

Updated Bird List - 2017-10-15

We have now completed the coupling of electronic rings to all the remaining pigeons at Victoria Falls. (Herewith a video of it:  www.facebook.com/victoriafallswcpr/videos/1721583608148456/ ) After quarantine, breaking in at the Victoria Falls race loft and initial short training tosses we are pleased to announce that we still have 2057 birds ready to continue with the rigorous program which lies ahead. We have improved video coverage and will be live streaming many more training tosses on YouTube. Only team birds which are activated before Hotspot 1 will qualify for the ACE bird competition. Separate to this, for interest sake and recognition, we will also run a grand average of all training tosses and races for all the pigeons in the loft. Please see below the list of pigeons as at 15 October that have made it so far. There may be a few birds which were o..... read more

PIPA Auction Results - 2017-10-03

The VFWCPR Auction has been completed by PIPA, the leading Auction Facility of high quality pigeons. The Auction was highly successful, raising €75 575 on 36 pigeons. Congratulations to the buyers and breeders, and a big thank you to PIPA for a professional job done!  ..... read more

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Total Prize Money
$700 000 USD
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Final Race Date

26th January 2018

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