The competition is growing at the Victoria Falls One-Loft-Race with many internationally renowned pigeon fanciers testing their breeding against the best in the world. Join us at Africa’s most majestic and safest tourist destination for a world class One-Loft-Race with a new prize pot of US$1 000 000!

Victoria Falls, one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, is the sublime Southern African location for the US$1 000 000 One-Loft race series, now entering its third year. The final yearling race in July 2019, from an increased distance of 600km (372 miles), will be in tough, arid African conditions that is a test-of-the-best and a supreme showcase for the world’s top breeders.

The US$1 000,000 annual prize money includ..... read more


Yearling Training Flight 19 - 2018-06-19

Scheduled for tomorrow morning, 20 June from 103 km with a liberation time of 7.00 am. The flight is on our website Home page under Running Race in red on the right with all the relevant links; https://www.victoriafallswcpr.com/ Alternatively you can view it on the Benzing site as usual; https://www.oneloftrace.live/?page=1&loft_id=35&flight_id=1529413743&season_id=4 Herewith the Recovery Bay list; # Reason Fancier ..... read more

Yearling Race - Hotspot 2 - Prize Money Results - 2018-06-19

Race – Hotspot 2 – Prize Money Results Victoria Falls World Challenge held the 5th ACE bird race and second Hotspot from Gweru, 450km to the South East of Victoria Falls on Saturday 16th June. A total of 655 pigeons were liberated at 7am in ideal conditions with clear skies, a maximum temperature of 27 degrees C and a slight headwind of 4km per hour. The first group of 9 pigeons arrived at 12.31 recording a velocity of 1358 m/m. 53 pigeons were home within 5 minutes of the winner, 115 birds were home within 15 minutes and 287 or 44% were home in the first hour. When the clock was stopped 91% of pigeons were home. We would like to formally congratulate the fanciers who took the 10 prize money positions, which can be seen here: https://victoriafallswcpr.com/results.php?opt=3&raceid=76 There are 2 races remaining in th..... read more

Yearling Race 7 - (Hotspot 2) - 2018-06-15

We are pleased to say that 410 birds are currently activated in this Yearling Series! This means that the prize money payout will be extended up to 115th place in the Final Race! Any pigeons clocked in the 1st 115 birds will at least earn the entrance fee back. This will continue to increase as more birds are activated as per the terms; Guaranteed minimum prize money payout - US$100 000 total based on 200 paid entries at US$500 each. Every paid entry after 200 birds adds US$250 to total prize money payout. This extra prize money will be for 11th position onward in the Final Race at US$500 per place (so an additional position will be paid at US$500 for every 2 extra paid birds over 200 birds)   Race 7  (Hotspot 2) Scheduled for tomorrow morning, 16 June from 450 km with a liberation time of 7.00 am. The flight is on our website Home page under Running Race in red on the right with all the relevant links; ..... read more

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Total Prize Money
$1 000 000 USD
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Name: Race 8
Distance: 235km
Liberation Point: Lupane
Release Time: 2018-06-23 06:45:00
2018 Yearling Race

30 June 2018

Final Race Date

19th July 2019

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