Africa’s most majestic destination beckons! Global pigeon fanciers are stirring with excitement with news that Victoria Falls, one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, is the sublime Southern African location for a new US$700,000 One-Loft race series in 2016/17.

Pigeon fanciers from as far afield as USA, Canada, China, Australasia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa will participate in the inaugural Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race on 28 January 2017 and also the five preceding training races, each with prize money of US$30,000.

Conservation efforts and under-privileged communities will gain significantly from this event, including highly commendable anti-poaching trusts whose under-funded, yet unyielding, work in the..... read more


Auctions - 2017-03-27

The pigeons from the first season of the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race will be auctioned as follows; 36 pigeons have been selected by PIPA to be sent to and auctioned by them (see list below). 50 pigeons have been chosen to go to USA for auction (see list below). Details of the above 2 auctions will be published in due course once the birds have undergone quarantine and shipment. The remaining birds are being auctioned on www.mypigeonauctions.co.za and the top 100 birds from the final (which are not going to PIPA or USA) have been loaded. The starting bid on this site is ZAR 1400 per pigeon and it includes the shipping and quarantine to get the pigeons to South Africa. If you have pedigrees available for any of the pigeons on this site please forward to Robert@benzing.co.za  Pigeons ..... read more

Newsflash - 2017-03-23

The Victoria Falls WCPR team has been busy since the final race on 28 January. All pigeons have been moved and selected in preparation for export and sale. The loft in Victoria Falls has had some modifications done to it and it has been cleaned and sterilised in preparation of the new intake. The new quarantine station in Harare is coming on steadily and will be ready to receive pigeons this year. All the necessary import permits have been received and sent to the shippers in the respective regions and we now await the first shipments in April. 84 pigeons will be sent overseas to be auctioned by PIPA and another auction house. The balance of the pigeons will be auctioned online through the site My Pigeon Auctions for this year. The shipment of pigeons overseas is a lengthy and complicated process as they need to be quarantined twice and this will take several months. We will keep everyone informed of the progress. Any birds purchased online through My Pigeon ..... read more

Australian birds - 2017-03-23

We have been advised by Australian vets not to receive any pigeons from Western Australia because of the outbreak of Rotavirus in the East. The chances of bringing Rotavirus to Victoria Falls are extremely unlikely because of the quarantine and testing procedures in place. Nevertheless it is regretted that we cannot take the chance given the potential devastating effect the spread of this virus outside Australia could have. We sincerely apologise for this and hope that we will get Australian support next year. We do have good quality pigeons available from our stud if one wishes to enter a team. Best regards...... read more

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Total Prize Money
$700 000 USD
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Final Race Date

26th January 2018

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