Total Prize Money
$700 000 USD
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Final Race Date

28th January 2017

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Africa’s most majestic destination beckons! Global pigeon fanciers are stirring with excitement with news that Victoria Falls, one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, is the sublime Southern African location for a new US$700,000 One-Loft race series in 2016/17.

Pigeon fanciers from as far afield as USA, Canada, China, Australasia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa will participate in the inaugural Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race on 28 January 2017 and also the five preceding training races, each with prize money of US$30,000.

Conservation efforts and under-privileged communities will gain significantly from this event, including highly commendable anti-poaching trusts whose under-funded, yet unyielding, work in the..... read more


Final Prize Money Results - 2017-02-06

The final of the inaugural Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race was held on Saturday 28th January. The race proved to be a challenge for the pigeons because of rainy weather en route. The sky was cloudy at the liberation point 410 km to the south but not raining, however within 60 km the pigeons encountered scatted rain showers. The wind was from the North West (direct headwind) at 10 to 14 km per hour. Approximately 120 fanciers and on-lookers were present at the lofts ..... read more

At the race! - 2017-01-28

Birds were liberated at 6.15 this morning in overcast weather and with no wind. There is plenty of rain about along the way which they will need to navigate. There is a great vibe at the loft with many people gathered to wait for the birds to come in. If you are not at the loft then we trust that you are either watching the race live at our stand at the Olympiad show in Brussels or following the results and camera streaming live on the internet. Please note that per our terms and cond..... read more

Final list of birds - 2017-01-27

Final changes have been made to the basketing list for a few pigeons which were sold today. Activations are now closed. Planned liberation is 06.00 tomorrow morning. Good luck to all entrants! ..... read more

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