Super Ace 2021 Race Series

PRIZE US$ $600,000
COMPETITORS All eligible Pigeons
ENTRY FEE Additional USD $250 after main activation fee
PAYOUT DATE 30 days after the Final Race

Prize Breakdown

Super Ace (hotspot 3,4,5 and clock final) US$ 600,000
Place Prize No of prizes Total pay-out
1st US$ 120,000 1 US$ 120,000
2nd US$ 75,000 1 US$ 75,000
3rd US$ 60,000 1 US$ 60,000
4th US$ 50,000 1 US$ 50,000
5th US$ 40,000 1 US$ 40,000
6th US$ 30,000 1 US$ 30,000
7th US$ 25,000 1 US$ 25,000
8th US$ 20,000 1 US$ 20,000
9th US$ 15,000 1 US$ 5,000
10th US$ 10,000 1 US$ 10,000
11th to 25th US$ 4,000 15 US$ 60,000
26th to 50th US$ 1,500 25 US$ 37,500
51st to 70th US$ 1,000 20 US$ 20,000
71st - 120th free entry plus reserves (US$ 750) 50 Value US$ 37,500


A test of the absolute best birds in the world. Measured over four difficult longer races in the series. The most consistent birds over the longer hotspot races and the final will prove themselves in this tough but fair competition.


  1. Open to all eligible activated birds as an OPTIONAL extra competition.

  2. Entry Fee USD $250 paid before Hotspot 3. Birds must already be activated by paying the USD$ 750 main activation fee.

  3. Staged from 4 race points as follows.

    Hotspot 3 from approximately 318 km (197 miles)
    Hotspot 4 from approximately 405 km (251 miles)
    Hotspot 5 from approximately 470 km (292 miles)
    Final from approximately 600 km (372 miles)

  4. Points are calculated with a weighting on Distance and Position.

  5. Credits for lost pigeons only apply to the entry fee for the original activation and not to the additional entrance fee of USD $250

  6. Credits will apply as outlined in the “Lost Pigeon Rule” outlined in clause 1.3 of the main terms and conditions.

  7. Points will be won from positions attained in the 4 races mentioned above. All Super ACE Birds must complete all 4 races in race time. In the event of a tie the winner will be the bird finishing ahead of the other in the final race.

  8. For the purposes of the Super ACE Bird competition race time for the final race will Race time will close at 12:00 noon on the second day or such other time that VFWCPR may announce.

Total Prize Money
$1,250,000 USD
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2021 Final Race Date

30th July 2021

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