General Terms and Conditions 2021 Race Series

  1. Entry and Activation
  2. Quarantine and Shipping
  3. Reserves and Eligible Birds
  4. Training and Racing
  5. Prize Money, Auctions and Pedigrees
  6. General

  1. Entry and Activation
    1. Participants may enter one or more teams consisting of 1 eligible pigeon and up to 4 reserve pigeons per team (see entry & payment form). An entrant may opt to send fewer or no reserve pigeons in a team. Right of entry is reserved.

    2. An eligible pigeon is designated as such when the individual bird entry fee of USD $750 (net after bank charges) has been paid and confirmed as being received. All payments must be made to Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race Ltd (see entry & payment form).

    3. LOST PIGEON RULE. Should an entrant lose an activated pigeon and there is no reserve available to replace it, provided that no prize money has been won for that particular activation, the entrant will receive a credit in their account of the amount paid for that activation at the following percentages:

      During quarantine or short races and before basketing of HS3Approx. 318 km Race100% credit
      Lost before basketing of HS4Approx. 405 km Race50% credit
      Lost before basketing of HS5Approx. 470 km Race25% credit
      Lost before basketing of Final RaceApprox. 600 km Race Nil

      Credits can be used to activate other “For Sale Birds” in the current race season or carried over toward future entries in the following race season. They are not redeemable or transferrable to third parties. The credit under this rule will expire after one race season and is not carried forward thereafter. Any credits for lost pigeons from a previous year will be applied to pigeons in the current year in order of activation, in other words the credits will be used up first.

    4. An entry of at least 1 pigeon per team entered must be paid for prior to the receipt of pigeons by the VFWCPR designated agents (see designated agents) and proof of payment submitted to the agent and copied to VFWCPR via email (all payments must be net after bank charges). Fancier accounts will be credited with the amount received by VFWCPR. If payment has not been received before or on 31st December 2020 the pigeons may be sold to third parties or removed from the competition.

  2. Quarantine and Shipping
    1. Payment for quarantine and shipping must be made by the entrant on admission to the quarantine facility which will be co-ordinated by the designated agent. All pigeons must be vaccinated against Paramyxovirus at 21 to 24 days old, preferably with a herpes PMV combo vaccine. It would also be desirable to vaccinate against paratyphoid.

    2. There will be several scheduled intakes of pigeons for quarantine prior to shipping which must be organised through designated agents. Intakes by agents will be from June to October 2020. Please contact your agent for specific dates. VFWCPR reserves the right to cancel later shipments if it is felt that the loft capacity will be exceeded.

    3. During the period of quarantine and prior to any pigeons being shipped to Zimbabwe an entrant will have the opportunity to send replacement birds should any die or need replacing. Advice of the need to replace must come from your designated VFWCPR agent and onus of liaison about replacements rests with the entrant. No replacements can be shipped from abroad after the last scheduled intake organised by the respective agents. Replacements can be selected from available “For Sale” pigeons.

    4. For the 2020 year of intake all pigeons must bear seamless identification life rings issued by a recognised Racing Pigeon Organisation showing the number, year and particulars of the issuing organisation and must bear 2020 year rings. No pigeon bearing older rings will be accepted.

    5. Pigeons will be quarantined in batches according to the laws and requirements of the veterinary department of Zimbabwe and then sent to the race loft in Victoria Falls for orientation (see training & race program).

  3. Reserves and Eligible Birds
    1. The entrant must stipulate on the entry form the eligible pigeon and the reserves in order of preference. If the order is not stipulated, then the pigeons will be entered in numerical order from lowest to highest. An entrant has the option to change the order of their pigeons in a team up to 48 hours prior to the first Hotspot. No further changes will be allowed.

    2. Reserve pigeons only become eligible pigeons if a further USD $750 is paid for the selected reserve or when an eligible pigeon is lost or unable to participate.

    3. Reserve pigeons will automatically fill the place of a previously eligible pigeon if it is not present or unable to take part in an up and coming race. This will be done approximately 2 days before the race. The replacement pigeon cannot replace the original pigeon in the Super Ace Competition, Team Competition or the Knock Out Competition.

    4. Any eligible pigeon which is replaced by a reserve which is subsequently deemed fit enough to continue training and racing in the absolute discretion VFWCPR, will continue as a reserve pigeon as the next in line. This pigeon can only re-enter as an eligible pigeon if the fee of USD $750 is paid or if it takes the place of the eligible pigeon through the normal reserve replacement process.

    5. Only eligible pigeons qualify for prize money at the designated Hotspots and Final Race (see prize money). The proof of any payment made to activate a reserve pigeon must be emailed to at least 72 hours prior to the basketing of any prize money race in order to qualify for that race. Any lesser period may be accepted at VFWCPR Ltd.’s sole discretion.

    6. Entrants will have an opportunity to activate any reserve pigeon up to 72 hours prior to basketing by paying the USD $750 fee. If any bird is not activated by the original entrant within 5 days after Hotspot 5 VFWCPR may sell the rights to prize money to any third party who pays the entrance fee. The rights to the share of sale proceeds after conclusion of the final race as defined herein will transfer to the activator / new entrant of the pigeon. The original entrant / breeder therefore loses all rights to the bird if they do not pay the entry fee.

    7. Only pigeons that have been activated will be awarded prize money in the Hotspots and Final Race. If an un-activated pigeon (reserve or venture) is timed in a prize money position it will not count. Instead the next activated pigeon in line will earn the prize.

    8. Venture racers and “For Sale Birds” are eligible to compete in all competitions and Bonus Races provided that they are activated eligible birds.

    9. Pigeons once entered as a team cannot be transferred to another team or entrant except in the case of reserve pigeons or unpaid pigeons which may be purchased by a third party as defined herein.

  4. Training and Racing
    1. VFWCPR Ltd reserves the right to vary the training and race program to cater for inclement or unfavourable weather conditions or for any other reason deemed necessary for the welfare of the birds or in the best interests of the events.

    2. All pigeons upon entry are given over to VFWCPR Ltd for the management and care during racing and training and ownership is vested with VFWCPR Ltd. The rights to the portion of prize money and the net sale proceeds as defined herein will be with the person paying the entry fee. The method of care, training and racing will be at the sole discretion of the VFWCPR Ltd management team.

    3. Loss of some pigeons during quarantine, training and racing whether by hazardous conditions, sickness or injury is to be expected and although prudent management will be used to mitigate against losses VFWCPR Ltd will not be held responsible for any losses.

  5. Prize Money, Auctions and Pedigrees
    1. On conclusion of the race season some pigeons will be selected for sale and sold at the sole discretion of VFWCPR Ltd. 50% of the net proceeds after sale costs will be paid to the activator of the pigeon. The balance of the sale proceeds will be kept by VFWCPR Ltd.

    2. Entrants are encouraged to supply pedigrees showing a minimum of 2 generations to maximise the sale price of the birds. These pedigrees can be supplied with the birds to the agents or scanned and emailed to direct. If pigeons are supplied without a pedigree, there will be no pay-out of sale proceeds. Pigeons without pedigrees will belong to the VFWCPR and sold or given away in the absolute discretion of VFWCPR. The deadline for the supply of pedigrees is 4 days after the Final Race and must include ring cards where applicable.

    3. If a syndicate is registering pigeons for participation there must be one nominated individual or company for communication purposes and for receipt of prize money and after race sale proceeds. VFWCPR will only take instructions from the appointed person about syndicate birds.

  6. General
    1. No shareholder in the company Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race Ltd or any member of the management or training team or any direct family members of shareholders, managers or trainers may participate for prize money in the race.

    2. The pigeons entered into the final race and the prize money winning pigeons will be verified by independent auditors.

    3. Upon entry to the race it is deemed that the entrant fully understands and agrees to the terms and conditions contained herein.

    4. Any dispute that may arise after any race or the interpretation of these terms and conditions must be referred in the first instance to.
      Managing Director,
      Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race Ltd,
      Montagu Pavilion,
      8-10 Queensway,
      GX 111 AA,
      If the dispute is not amicably resolved, then it will be referred to arbitration for settlement under the laws of Gibraltar.

    5. In terms of law the English version of these terms and conditions will be used as the official version.

    6. Force Majeure

        In this Clause "Event of Force Majeure" means an event beyond the control of the Authority and the Operator, which prevents a Party from complying with any of its obligations under this Contract, including but not limited to:

      1. act of God (such as, but not limited to, fires, explosions, earthquakes, drought, tidal waves and floods);
      2. war, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), invasion, act of foreign enemies, mobilisation, requisition, or embargo;
      3. rebellion, revolution, insurrection, or military or usurped power, or civil war;
      4. riot, commotion, strikes, go slows, lock outs or disorder, unless solely restricted to employees of the Supplier or of his Sub-contractors; or
      5. pandemics, widespread or localised disease outbreaks, shutdown of air traffic; or
      6. acts or threats of terrorism; or
      7. veterinary restrictions

      In the event of Force Majeure being declared prior to the final race:

      1. Entrants shall be given an option to be paid a full refund or to receive a credit for activations for the following race season.
      2. Free entries carried forward from the previous season shall be carried forward one year further to the following race season.
Total Prize Money
$1,250,000 USD
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