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HOTSPOT 5 2024-07-02

    Hotspot 5 from 348 km will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 3rd July from Manada Dam. Liberation will be 07.00 weather permitting.


    The temperature at liberation is expected to be 12 degrees Celsius and the maximum during the day at Victoria Falls is 27 degrees Celsius with clear skies throughout. We predict that there will be a side wind most of the way up to 10 km/ hour.


    Have you entered pooling yet? Bonus Races are open until liberation.


    You can view the race on our Home Page: and click on Youtube Stream to watch the race live!


    Prize Money Results - (first 60 PAID/ACTIVE birds) will be published after verification. US$ 44,000 to be won!


    Quick links;

    Basketing List -

    Live Results -


    The following birds are in the Recovery Bay - 

    # Fancier Pigeon Country Reason
    1 Al-Hazm Loft Qatar 23-221 Qatar Wing Injury
    2 Alkhaleej Loft KW CLUB 23-33687 Kuwait Light Training
    3 Brieftauben Verein 04762 Gut Flug Steinsfurt DV 04762-23-1084 Germany Light Training
    4 Cooper-Basham GB 23-C-09087 United Kingdom Injury Other
    5 Dirk Roelants - Michel Debecker BE 23-2117097 Belgium Light Training
    6 Floridian Loft AU23 SCHE 2596 United States Injury Other
    7 Friedrich Hartmann DV 03726-23-296 Germany Rest
    8 H.F. Team KW CLUB 24-65269 Kuwait Light Training
    9 Jania Marcin PL 0449-23-872 Poland Light Training
    10 KBR Loft Qatar 23-22121 Qatar Broken leg
    11 Khaled AlHadiyha KW FED 23-1222408 Kuwait Hawked
    12 Lamons Family Loft AU23 LAMONS 527 United States Light Training
    13 Murray & Mills GB 23-A-28365 United Kingdom Light Training
    14 PIPA Breeding Loft BE 23-4203901 Belgium Light Training
    15 PJ van Druten ZA23 SFL 291 Zimbabwe Light Training
    16 Team Nordic Air NOR 022-23-0479 Denmark Light Training
    17 The Rockets Syndicate DV 04858-23-980 Germany Light Training
    18 Van Loon Andre BE 23-6030301 Belgium Light Training
    19 Will Curtis GB 23-Z-32084 United Kingdom Light Training

    $1,250,000 USD Enter Now

    SUMMARY Total Prizes
    Final Race US$ 600,000 350
    Super Ace US$ 300,000 100
    6 Hotspot Races US$ 200,000 270
    Grand Averages US$ 75,000 25
    Elite Competition US$ 65,000 10
    Knock-Out Competition US$ 10,000 1
    Running Race
    Name: Training Flight 18
    Distance: 52km
    Liberation Point: 52 km
    Release Time: 2024-07-17 07:00:00
    Live Results | Live Stream | Basketing List
    2024 Final Race Date

    26th July 2024

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