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News 2023-11-12

    A reminder that the last Animals to Fly intake is this coming week 12-17 November in the Netherlands.


    Contact an agent now to send your birds!


    Please find out the last intake dates for other country shippers directly from them.


    Kuwait Auction – 2023 season


    The Kuwait auction starts today, 12 November with 10 birds being sold on Ali Alfadhli’s whatsapp group per day.


    To potential Middle Eastern buyers- these are all proven birds having completed the challenging 2023 season and will be an asset to any breeding loft!


    Birds enjoying being out of the loft


    The first rains of the season have started which has been a welcomed relief to the heat. Birds in the Race Loft have been out and enjoying the sunshine.


    Watch this video to see them -


    Kassel Show


    We enjoyed meeting with fanciers at the Kassel Show in Germany this weekend. Thank you to everyone who made the effort to come to our stand!


    A little history…


    Geoff Armand, our visionary Race Director pioneered the Victoria Falls OLR 8 years ago. With a lifelong passion for pigeons, Geoff has been keeping them since 1969 and delved into competitive racing in 1972, accumulating over 50 years of experience. From its humble beginnings, the Victoria Falls race has flourished under Geoff's guidance, witnessing remarkable growth over the years.


    Throughout his journey, Geoff has gained invaluable insights into the ever-evolving world of One Loft Racing. Don't miss out on hearing Geoff's wisdom and experiences on the captivating podcast, "The Flight of the Champions."


    Listen on Spotify, Apple, and Google or click here:


    $1,250,000 USD Enter Now

    SUMMARY Total Prizes
    Final Race US$ 600,000 350
    Super Ace US$ 300,000 100
    6 Hotspot Races US$ 200,000 270
    Grand Averages US$ 75,000 25
    Elite Competition US$ 65,000 10
    Knock-Out Competition US$ 10,000 1
    2024 Final Race Date

    26th July 2024

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