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Loft completed! 2016-05-20

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We are very excited to announce that we are having a familiarisation tour of the completed pigeon loft as well as Victoria Falls. This is happening next week! Some international guests are coming out for it including Benzing and PIPA. Our local partners the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust will also be in attendance. A representative from the Ministry of Tourism will be cutting the ribbon at our loft unveiling ceremony on Thursday the 26th. We have a film crew who will be making videos of the completed loft and some of the events that will take place. A full 3D walk through of the lofts will be posted on Facebook and our website after the event. In the meantime here are a few pictures of the finishing touches that were being done this last week, particularly the signage being put up. Watch this space for the feedback of the event!

To see all the current loft pictures click here

We will be separating the loft pictures with its own heading and adding all the specs and 3D walkthroughs for more information.

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