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Auction of Enduro Birds 2023-01-03

    Thank you to everyone who has sent pedigrees of pigeons that completed the Enduro series. Please be reminded that the portion of the sale proceeds due to the activator, is for the activator of the original yearling series, but only if a pedigree is supplied.


    The pigeons are already in isolation in preparation for export. If we do not receive a pedigree by 10th January the pigeon might not be exported overseas. Pigeons without pedigrees don’t sell well and often don’t receive a bid or don’t cover the cost of quarantine and shipping.


    Your co-operation would be appreciated.


    The following 47 birds have been selected for sale on PIPA. The balance of the birds will go to other auction houses, the details of which will be announced after 10 January.



    Activator in Yearling Series

    AU21 BEKO 50

    Beko Loft

    BE 21-3124058

    Norman Filip & Nicolas

    BE 21-4152386


    BE 21-4153114


    BE 21-4202756

    PIPA Breeding Loft

    DV 05001-21-2063


    DV 05901-21-457

    Rolf Berger

    DV 05927-21-911

    Zdenek Pavlik

    DV 05950-21-203

    Team Germany - Toni Deigner

    DV 06813-21-27

    Flade/Boeker/Esser Racing

    DV 21-067684

    Flade/Boeker/Esser Racing

    FR 21-281482

    George D.D.

    KW FED 21-1042764

    Mohammad Al Otaibi

    KW FED 21-1056158

    Al-Manhal and Alkandari

    KW FED 21-1100981

    Abdulrahman Al-Mezeel

    KW WATANYA 21-759848

    Abdulaziz Alkandari

    NL 21-1589073

    Jelle Jellema

    NL 21-1589098

    Jelle Jellema

    NL 21-1589323

    Jelle Jellema

    PL 0143-21-2173

    Not Activated

    PL 0262-21-3189

    Wrobel Michal & Patryk

    QATAR QAT 21-1028

    Ummbirka Loft

    QATAR QAT 21-14512

    Al-Tahadi Loft

    QATAR QAT 21-14592

    Al-Tahadi Loft

    QATAR QAT 21-15284

    Not Activated

    QATAR QAT 21-15322

    Hale Nunu

    QATAR QAT 21-30277

    Aljazeera Loft

    QATAR QAT 21-783

    Ummbirka Loft

    ZA 21-13401

    Not Activated

    ZA 21-38553

    Not Activated

    ZA 21-38608

    Not Activated

    ZA21 GRPF 1877

    Gys Louw

    ZA21 KUR 5394

    Team Oberholster

    ZA21 OVRF 15517

    Not Activated

    ZA21 PSWU 274

    Not Activated

    ZA21 TRPF 1110

    Coenie Hattingh

    ZA21 TRPF 2207

    Not Activated

    ZA21 TRPF 2502

    Samuel Lofts

    ZA21 VIL 1013

    Not Activated

    ZA21 WYNL 3964

    Robertson Noord Duiwe Klub (RNDK)

    ZA21 ZWDK 989

    Club Zwartkop

    ZW21 BSFC 1682


    ZW21 BSFC 1774

    PJ van Druten

    ZW21 MRPF 4176

    Little Caradoc Lofts

    ZW21 MRPF 4242

    Little Caradoc Lofts

    ZW21 MRPF 4245

    Little Caradoc & Boet Syndicate

    ZW21 MRPF 4259

    Little Caradoc & Boet Syndicate



    $1,500,000 USD Enter Now

    SUMMARY Total Prizes
    Super Ace US$ 800,000 350
    Final Race US$ 400,000 200
    Team Competition US$ 200,000 5
    Hotspot Races US$ 75,000 60
    Grand Averages US$ 12,000 3
    Knock-Out Competition US$ 10,000 1
    Club Competition US$ 3,000 3
    2023 Final Race Date

    28th July 2023

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