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Loft modifications & early training of new intake 2022-08-06

    We are pleased to announce that we are installing a retractable net over the loft that will enable us to fly groups of pigeons around the loft at an early stage. The net is designed to open some sections and close others. Pigeons that come from quarantine will be homed in batches rather than waiting for the majority to arrive. The intention is to settle the birds under the net 1 week after the batch arrives and after 1 month of arrival they will start orientation training by flying around the loft. If they are ranging well we will take them on the road in small groups.


    All the old birds which will be flying the Enduro series have been moved to the sections where the trackers trap. The rest of the loft is clear and can house 9000 pigeons for the 2023 season. No old birds will be housed in the young bird sections.

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