News -> Have a shot at winning a share of US$700,000 prize money by buying rights to a racing pigeon at Victoria Falls

Have a shot at winning a share of US$700,000 prize money by buying rights to a racing pigeon at Victoria Falls 2016-04-08

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Hello everyone! Would you enjoy an interesting event you can follow with growing excitement and anticipation that will benefit wildlife? Here’s an enticing offer that will keep you “tuned in” for months with the prospect of a healthy share of US$700,000 prize money for minimal outlay.

Have a flutter on a feathered friend and be part of a global pigeon racing event at a “Wonder of the World” in the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race that culminates with the final race on 28 January 2017.

Here’s how. In the two months between November 12 this year and January 7 next year there will be five “hot spot” training races all finishing at the new world-class loft near the banks of the Zambezi River at Victoria Falls. Each of these races offers US$30,000 prize money, graded for the first 10 positions, and the final race held on January 28, 2017 has a total prize money of US$500,000. YOU can be part of it by selecting and buying the rights to prize money for a Venture Racer. 

A good, but limited, stock of Venture Racers will be available at US$950 per bird and the prize money rights may be bought individually or by a syndicate of your chosen size. Imagine, 10 of you can have a flutter for US$100 each and join the buzz of this major global pigeon race that will transfix your interest for more than four months.

You may start buying in August but experts advise: “It’s wise to watch the training stats on the website from September before selecting your birds, though you don’t want to miss the good ones and so some buy on the credentials of noted breeders.”

After September and October orientation and training the five “hot spot” training races will be every second week with the first one on November 12. 

Look here for the full details regarding the Venture Racers

75% of the funds generated from the sale of Venture Race Birds after the final race, will be in aid of wildlife, anti-poaching and local communities, with primary benefactor being The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust

Pigeon fanciers and breeders worldwide donate the Venture Racers not only to support charities but primarily to test their breeding and genetics. Placing in the top 50 positions in the final race or 10 positions of a "hotspot" training race is their objective that would massively boost their credentials.

When the pigeons arrive from all parts of the world – during July this year – they will be between 35 and 65 days old. As their training commences in September they will fly between 40-80 km each Wednesday and Saturday. They will compete in the 5 "hotspot" training racers which get progressively further each time until the big final race day on January 28, 2017 which is from a distance of 409km.

Race organiser Geoff Armand notes: “Buying Venture Birds allows non pigeon fanciers to participate with the prospect of tempting cash prizes and to assist wildlife. All training races and the final race will feature live streaming via a You Tube channel and entrants will have the excitement of seeing their birds come in and results flashing up in real-time as we have the most modern electronic equipment and a camera overlooking the loft.”

Join us in the excitement of what we intend to become of the world’s major annual pigeon racing events that will be a tonic for Victoria Falls as one of Africa’s most acclaimed natural-world destinations – home to one of the wonders of the world, Victoria Falls; majestic wildlife and the legendary Zambezi River.


$1,500,000 USD Enter Now

SUMMARY Total Prizes
Super Ace US$ 700,000 350
Final Race US$ 400,000 290
Team Competition US$ 200,000 5
Hotspot Races US$ 146,250 125
Grand Averages US$ 40,000 20
Knock-Out Competition US$ 10,000 1
Club Competition US$ 3,750 5
2022 Final Race Date

29th July 2022

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