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Important Info & Training Flight 9 2021-06-09

    NOTE – Hotspot 1 Activations are due tomorrow!

    We will automatically move missing bird activations over to their next reserve on Friday morning once we have the basketing list for HS1.

    A new feature on your login gives fanciers the ability to now activate pigeons at any time even whilst a race is running. You can click “OPTIONS” next to the pigeon and then activate birds for normal activations and then Super Ace also. The activation will not change the status of running or previous races and is set as at the time of liberation.

    There are also updated features on the Victoria Falls App on smart phone. This app allows numerous notifications including running races, bonus races selection, own pigeon arrivals and other news of interest. These features can be turned on or off when wanted. Once the App is downloaded kindly use the same username and password of your race account to login.

    Training flight 9 tomorrow is the last training before Hotspot 1 scheduled for this Saturday 12th June. Please note that we reserve the right to delay the liberation date on Hotspots if necessary to more suitable wind conditions.


    Training Flight 9

    Scheduled for tomorrow morning, Thursday 10 June from 103 km with a liberation time of 07.30.

    Bonus Races are open until liberation- Don’t forget to enter!

    Tracking links will be uploaded next to Tracker Bird results once the bird has returned and the data has been downloaded.

    You can view the Running Race on our Home Page:

    Quick links;

    Basketing List -

    Live Results -

    The following birds are currently in the Recovery Bay - 

    # Fancier Pigeon Country Reason
    1 Abdulah Nasser KW KP 20-2000373 Saudi Arabia Rest
    2 ADL Loft AU20 ADL 2159 United States Injury Wing
    3 Ahmed Al-Madrede IQ 20-023486 Iraq Rest
    4 Al-Harbash Team KW WATANYA 20-200477 Kuwait Injury Wing
    5 Al-Harbash Team KW WATANYA 20-200483 Kuwait Injury Wing
    6 Al-Saifi Loft QAHP 20-31822 Qatar Injury Wing
    7 Altmiks - Soudy - Pigeons DV 08193-20-27 Germany Injury Wing
    8 Al-Watri Loft KW WATANYA 20-221689 Kuwait Injury Wing
    9 Al-Zain Center KW CLUB 20-80085 Kuwait Injury Other
    10 Anfield Lofts ZA 20-268470 Zimbabwe Rest
    11 Arie Dijkstra NL 20-1023226 Netherlands Injury Other
    12 Boshoffs & Diesel Power Lofts ZA20 OP 5173 South Africa Rest
    13 Bruce Lattimer AU20 LATTIMER 93 United States Light Training
    14 Club LPK ZA20 LPUD 382 South Africa Injury Other
    15 David Demko IF20 RPC 556 United States Light Training
    16 Deon Theron ZA 20-7325 Zimbabwe Light Training
    17 Emmalyn & Carelyn Loft AU20 ARPU 85064 United States Injury Hawk
    18 Fayez Alsulili KT 20-11365 Kuwait Light Training
    19 Floridian Loft AU20 SCHE 2591 United States Light Training
    20 For Sale BE BE 20-3120534 Belgium Injury Hawk
    21 For Sale US AU20 HOFKENS 46 United States Light Training
    22 Galaxy & Steffl DV 08897-20-790 United Arab Emirates Light Training
    23 Galaxy Team B BE 20-6154596 United Arab Emirates Injury Other
    24 Hendrik Wilpers NL 20-1154768 Germany Injury Other
    25 Idris Al-Shukaily OMC 20-3071 Oman Injury Other
    26 Jason Brown ZA 20-268036 Zimbabwe Light Training
    27 Jerzy Tarasiuk PL 0385-20-1291 Poland Injury Wing
    28 Kadiravan Vetri Maaran - VM LOFTS BE 20-2134364 India Light Training
    29 Karel Klemens CZ 0224-20-488 Czech Republic Light Training
    30 Khaleefa Nasser Al Kuwari QAHP 20-29434 Qatar Light Training
    31 KT Loft AU20 KT LOFT 420 United States Injury Other
    32 Lorenzo van Russel NL 20-1498759 Netherlands Injury Other
    33 Luecking Loft DV 03611-20-882 Germany Injury Wing
    34 Marian Taloi AU20 JEDDS 30287 United States Injury Hawk
    35 Mike Macdonald ZA 20-268437 Zimbabwe Light Training
    36 Mohamed Al-Alwan KW FED 20-981133 Kuwait Injury Wing
    37 Mohamed Khalaf KW FED 20-954902 Kuwait Rest
    38 Mohamede Rida Gzouly ESP ANDALUZA 20-144500 Morocco Injury Wing
    39 Muraik Loft QAHP 20-34660 Qatar Ailment
    40 Nambiti Syndicate ZA20 NKRD 602 Zimbabwe Light Training
    41 Nawaf Al Rumaihi QAHP 20-03183 Qatar Injury Other
    42 Nawaf Al Rumaihi QAHP 20-03203 Qatar Light Training
    43 Neighborhood Sissies AU20 WF 233 United States Injury Wing
    44 Norman Filip & Nicolas BE 20-3004550 Belgium Light Training
    45 PIPA Breeding Loft BE 20-4186783 Belgium Light Training
    46 PIPA Breeding Loft BE 20-4186938 Belgium Injury Other
    47 PIPA-Team PEC-Batenburg NL 20-1480178 Belgium Injury Wing
    48 Pleasant Task Farm AU20 PTF 45 United States Light Training
    49 Rolf Berger DV 03639-20-235 Germany Light Training
    50 Salah Al-Kaabi BAHRAIN 20-11960 Bahrain Injury Wing
    51 Salem Al-Wohaib KW WATANYA 20-204351 Kuwait Injury Hawk
    52 Team Bagillt GB 20-V-64976 United Kingdom Injury Other
    53 Team Eichert-Kossow DV 08406-20-625 Germany Injury Other
    54 Team Florea Sorin BE 20-4055896 Romania Light Training
    55 Team Hooymans NL 20-1609390 Netherlands Injury Wing
    56 Team Hooymans NL 20-1609445 Netherlands Injury Wing
    57 Team Hooymans NL 20-1609506 Netherlands Injury Wing
    58 Team Rheinair DV 01233-20-314 Germany Light Training
    59 Tres Coronas Loft AU20 SYV 20375 United States Light Training
    60 Two-Be-Won AU20 TBW 20099 United States Injury Wing
    61 Two-Be-Won AU20 TBW 20114 United States Injury Wing
    62 Ummbirka Loft QAHP 20-37875 Qatar Injury Other
    63 Ummbirka Loft QAHP 20-38964 Qatar Rest
    64 Vicont & Vicontesa BG 20-42776 Bulgaria Light Training
    65 Von Marsin-Venus MEX20 FMC 049921 Mexico Light Training
    66 Yarmouk Loft KW CLUB 20-90872 Kuwait Light Training
    67 ZG Helios DV 04195-20-711 Germany Injury Hawk


    Best Regards,

    The Victoria Falls Team

    $1,500,000 USD Enter Now

    SUMMARY Total Prizes
    Super Ace US$ 700,000 350
    Final Race US$ 400,000 290
    Team Competition US$ 200,000 5
    Hotspot Races US$ 146,250 125
    Grand Averages US$ 40,000 20
    Knock-Out Competition US$ 10,000 1
    Club Competition US$ 3,750 5
    2022 Planned Final Race Date

    29th July 2022

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