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SKYLEADER GPS Tracking - Training Flight 4 - 120km 2021-05-29

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Our GPS tracking rings were used today! To see individual bird's interactive map and statistics including speeds and altitudes please go to our website's results page for this flight and search "tracker". You can see the links to each bird against their arrival position.
Pigeons which carried GPS rings today:

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Super Ace US$ 600,000
Final Race US$ 440,000
Hotspot Races US$ 136,750
Grand Averages US$ 20,000
Team Competition US$ 33,250
Knock-Out Competition US$ 20,000
Running Race
Distance: 600km
Liberation Point: Lake Kyle
Release Time: 2021-07-29 07:00:00
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2021 Final Race Date

29th July 2021

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