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Bonus Races - additional features 2021-05-14

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We are pleased to announce that we have added some additional features and a new look to our Bonus Races (Pooling) platform. When you log into your race account you will see the upcoming flights which have Bonus Races available to enter;


  1. Shows your Available balance which can be used for Bonus Races. Below it in grey you will see the portion which is in your Main account and the amount which is in your Bonus Races account. Funds will automatically be taken from your Bonus Races account first. If there is not enough money in your Bonus Races account then the extra needed will automatically be moved from your Main account for you. Click on the orange Topup Account to add money to your Main account by credit card.


  1. Pending amount shows the total amount of the current selection you have ticked which has not been submitted yet. The system will block you from making additional selections when your available funds will not be enough to cover them.


  1. Enter button will place the selected Bonus Races entries.


  1. Flight selection – There is a tab for each upcoming flight and a drop down to select between Global events and your Country events.


  1. You can select ALL for a pigeon which will enter this pigeon into all Bonus Races for that flight in that row up to the point where funds are available.


  1. You can select ALL for an event which will enter all birds into this Bonus Races event up to the point where funds are available.


  1. Shows the number of entries entered into the Bonus Races event currently. Click on this to view the entries.


  1. This shows a bird which has already entered the event (where the ticks are in grey). To cancel the entry go to Pending Entries at the top.


  1. This shows a bird with a selection which has not yet been entered (ticks are in blue). The value of the selection is shown in red as Pending (point 2).


  1. The clear button will deselect all currently not yet entered blue ticks.


NOTE: You can go between different flights and make selections and then enter all of them together. You don’t have to do one flight at a time and then change to the next.


We will have Bonus Races set up and available on some of the Pre-Training flights next week and then also on all Training Flights and Races.


Best Regards,

The Victoria Falls Team

$1,250,000 USD Enter Now

SUMMARY Total Prizes
Final Race US$ 600,000 350
Super Ace US$ 300,000 100
6 Hotspot Races US$ 200,000 270
Grand Averages US$ 75,000 25
Elite Competition US$ 65,000 10
Knock-Out Competition US$ 10,000 1
2024 Final Race Date

2nd August 2024

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