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Loft List – 4 May 2021-05-04

    Herewith the latest loft list:

    PAID/ACTIVE statuses will be moved over from missing birds to the next reserve in line 2 days before Hotspot 1 (teams and bird orders can be viewed within your login). If you would however like to change your bird order/ activated bird within a team before then, kindly request us to do so.


    Activation Reminders

    PLEASE NOTE: Initial activations, Super Ace activations, bird name changes and pedigree uploads can be done online through your login. There are deadlines for activations and the system will automatically block requests after the time has expired. See the rules under “Terms” on our website.

    Here is a summary of the dates to activate your birds by;

    • 10 June – to win money in ALL prize money races birds need to be activated before Hotspot 1
    • 17 June – 5 bird selection from activated birds for the Team Competition
    • 17 June – all activated birds are entered into the Knock Out competition
    • 24 JuneSuper Ace - extra entry of $250 per activated bird (prize money is US$ 600 000)
    • 14 July – only activated pigeons will remain in the Grand Averages
    • 23 July – If any bird is not activated by the original entrant within 5 days after Hotspot 5 the birds can be bought by other people

    Note: All details of Pigeons which have not been activated by the liberation of the final race will be hidden.


    Best Regards,

    The Victoria Falls Team