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Donor Bird Activations & Super Ace 2021-04-26

    Credits apply to all activated lost pigeons including Super Ace

    Please take note that this year any activated lost pigeon will receive credits according to the “Lost pigeon rule” point 1.3

    This also applies to activated birds where an additional $250 is paid to enter into the Super Ace. Reserves taking the place of a lost Super Ace pigeon will carry on in the main competition but will not be in the Super Ace. The Super Ace is not transferable to another pigeon but credits on the entry fee of $250 as well as the original $750 will apply in the percentages shown in the rules.



    Donor pigeons available for purchase

    For sale donor birds are available at $1050 and of this $50 will be donated to Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust. This fee includes entry into the Super Ace competition.

    Super Ace entries lost before Hotspot 3 get a $1000 credit if there are no replacement pigeons to choose from. After Hotspot 3 the percentages of credit applies as per the “Lost pigeon Rule”. There is no credit on the donated $50 portion of the fee.


    We are grateful and once again thank the Donors who sent pigeons to our race for anyone to activate. These pigeons come from some of the most famous fanciers in the world. This is an opportunity to compete with pigeons from world famous breeders in your own name. We have internet articles on some of the donors. Please see the below list and click on the links;




    Link to article

    Ad Fortuin

    ADL Loft

    Not available

    Alpdag Brothers

    Not available

    Alwin Petrie

    Chris Debacker

    David Demko

    Davy Tournelle

    Dehon - Demonseau


    Deroose Dirk

    Dobbelaere Dirk

    Dom D Gruzelier

    Not available

    Frederik Leliaert

    Not available

    Gerard van Schalkwijk

    Not available

    Graham Guy

    Not available

    Handerek Wojciech

    Not available

    Jeroen & Stijn Rans

    Joost De Smeyter

    Jos Thone

    K. & K. Meijers


    Not available

    Marcel Sangers

    Mehmet Metin

    Not available

    Mike Macdonald

    Not available

    Noel - Willockx

    Pieter Oberholster

    Not available

    Rik van Dorp

    Stefaan Lambrechts

    Team Florea Sorin

    Not available

    Towerflyers Loft

    Not available

    Van Gaver Tom

    VandenHeede Freddy & Jacques

    Verweij-de Haan

    Wim & Bertrik Murk


    Kindly email us with the ring number of any pigeons you would like to purchase. They are under “For Sale” fanciers on recent loft lists, simply type “For Sale” in the search box.


    Best Regards,

    The Victoria Falls Team

    $1,500,000 USD Enter Now

    SUMMARY Total Prizes
    Super Ace US$ 700,000 350
    Final Race US$ 400,000 290
    Team Competition US$ 200,000 5
    Hotspot Races US$ 146,250 125
    Grand Averages US$ 40,000 20
    Knock-Out Competition US$ 10,000 1
    Club Competition US$ 3,750 5
    2022 Final Race Date

    29th July 2022

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