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Update 2017-06-08

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The quarantine of the first shipment of pigeons received from USA and Europe is due to be lifted this coming week. After which small groups will be released from under the nets around the loft at Victoria Falls and the group will be added to in increasing numbers as they settle in.

So far we have had 11 mortalities in total between the quarantine in Victoria Falls and our new quarantine site in Harare together. We have had a number of sick pigeons which are receiving individual treatment and hand feeding to ensure their nutrition remains adequate. So far we have managed to pull through 24 previously sick  pigeons and return them to the main loft . These birds showed little chance of survival but now look quite normal and are eating well.

A strict bio-security and health program is being used as well as vaccination boosters being given to try and limit mortalities with new imports.

So far we have received  782 pigeons and a further 493 are due to arrive up to the 14th June. There are further shipments due by the end of June and larger shipments in July. If you are interested in sending pigeons please contact your agent details of which are on the website

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