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Loft List - 1 Feb & FOR SALE RACERS OPEN FOR SALE 2021-02-01

    Loft List - 1 Feb 2021

    The last shipment of pigeons has settled in well and the health of the flock is good. The pigeons are trapping well when being called into the loft for feed. There has been a lot of rain from tropical storms and the pigeons are not yet being chased to loft fly. We expect the majority of pigeons to be through the moult by the end of March after which short tosses on the road will start.


    We have conducted a physical ring check of all birds to ensure that they have been coupled correctly. Herewith an updated Loft List;




    Sale of “FOR SALE” pigeons 2021 Race Series

    For Sale pigeons are those marked on the publicised list as “For Sale”. These pigeons are those that have been donated in aid of the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust. The list will also include pigeons where the entrant has defaulted on paying the initial entry fee and others that have been sent as Venture Racers. (See Terms,


    “The rights to prize money for Venture Racers will be offered for sale on the website to anyone wishing to pay the entrance fee including non-pigeon fanciers, other fanciers or the donor. The date and time will be announced when the pigeons will be offered for sale. These rights will pass to the first person booking the bird in writing by email, stating the specific ring number and paying the entrance fee within 24 hours, upon which the bird becomes an eligible pigeon as defined in point 2 of the terms and conditions.”


    “When an entrant selects a Venture Racer which is subsequently lost before Hotspot 3, they may select a replacement from for sale pigeons available. If there are no for sale pigeons available or the venture bird is lost after Hotspot 3 then the entrant will be given a credit as per section 1.3 of the General Terms and Conditions.”


    Replacement cannot be selected from “Donor” birds (see below) unless a top-up of fees is paid. If USD 750 was paid initially the top up is USD 300. No top-up is required if the initial payment was USD 1050.


    “The booking of Venture birds donated from specific fanciers who were invited to donate birds will be made available under different terms and conditions to be announced at a later date.”


    With regards to the sale of “Donor” pigeons the following will apply,

    1. Any person may enter any donor pigeon, or any number of donor pigeons provided the fee is paid.

    2. First booked, first served as per the terms.

    3. Fee is USD 1050 which entitles the buyer to an automatic entry into the Super Ace Competition. USD 50 of this will be paid over to the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust.


    Best Regards,

    The Victoria Falls Team