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Extended shipping dates 2017-05-10

    We have had requests to receive pigeons in July as the breeding season in Europe has been delayed by cold weather in January. We have therefore made arrangements with the Dutch Quarantine and Veterinary Services (DQVS) to take one last intake in for the race.

    Intake Thursday 6th July at DQVS.

    Please phone to make prior arrangements to book the pigeons in (Telephone +31 (0) 235577990) or organise it through your agent. 

    The quarantine loft in Zimbabwe will therefore also receive pigeons from other shippers (outside of Europe) between Monday 24th July and Friday 28th July. If you have any pigeons for this shipment please contact your agent to ensure that they receive the birds from you in advance for veterinary testing.

    Herewith the agent list;