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Terms & Conditions 2021 Race Series 2020-06-02

    Up to this point we have had 48 Tosses of which 17 have been online plus 1 Race. The distances will increase from now on with the pigeons well prepared for the series ahead. Anyone who does not have birds in this year’s race can log into our App to follow the races and news with the username Guest and password Guest.

    There is still uncertainty around visitor’s ability to travel to attend the final race week. There will be no problem with accommodation however flights may be limited and there is currently a requirement for visitors to go into quarantine upon arrival. Please check with us on the latest situation before buying air tickets.

    Terms & Conditions 2021 Race Series

    The Terms and Conditions for the 2020 intake for the 2021 Yearling race series have been published and can be viewed on our website under Terms- Forms- English ;

    At the bottom of this newsflash is a summary of the new terms which are for the coming intake and does not apply to the birds already racing. There have been several changes and we encourage you to familiarise yourself with them for next year.

    We have however decided to vary the terms for the up-and-coming Super Ace series where an additional entry fee is payable. It was advertised that there are no credits for lost Super Ace birds during the current series. We have decided to change this and give credits as outlined below. This rule applies to Super Ace this year as well as in 2021.

    Should an entrant lose a Super Ace pigeon during racing a credit will be due in the following proportions:

    Lost before HS3 (317km) = 100% credit

    Lost before HS4 (410km) = 50% credit

    Lost before HS5 (475km) = 25% credit

    Lost before basketing of Final (600km) = Nil

    This credit is for the original entry fee paid but not the additional fee of US$250.

    Please take note of the last day for activations or selections for the various competitions as follows;

    Thursday 25 June - before Hotspot 2;

    Normal Ace competition (normal USD 950 activation fee)

    5 bird Team selection (from activated birds)

    Knock-out competition (normal USD 950 activation fee)

    Thursday 2 July - before Hotspot 3;

    Super Ace competition - USD 250 per bird in addition to the normal USD 950 activation fee        

    Sunday 19 July - before Hotspot 5;

    Grand Averages (normal USD 950 activation fee)

    Please note that because of tight deadlines in administration the date and times will be strictly followed. It may be prudent to activate in advance if it is your intention to do so, to prevent a last-minute rush or possible exclusion from the competitions. 

    Best Regards,

    The Victoria Falls Team


    Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race

    2020 intake for 2021 Race Series


    Abridged version (see full terms and conditions here)


    Total Prize:                                        USD $1,250,000


                                                                Prize                      Entry Fee

    1.        Super Ace                         US$ 600 000        $750 Activation plus US$ 250       
    2.        Final Race                         US$ 440 000        Activation of US$ 750
    3.        Hotspot Races                  US$ 136 750        Activation Paid
    4.        Grand Averages                US$   20 000        Activation Paid
    5.        Team Competition            US$   33 250        Activation Paid
    6.        Knock-Out Competition    US$   20 000        Activation Paid
    7.        Club Competition              Free Entries         Nil
    8.        Bonus Races      




    1. Enter one or more teams consisting of 1 eligible pigeon and up to max 4 reserve pigeons.

    2. Entry fee of USD $750 (net after bank charges).


    During quarantine or short races and before basketing of HS3  317 km Race        100% credit

    Lost before basketing of HS4                                                           410 km Race        50% credit

    Lost before basketing of HS5                                                           475 km Race        25% credit

    Lost before basketing of Final Race                                                 600 km Race        Nil

    4. Credits can be used to activate other “For Sale Birds” in the current race season or carried over toward future entries in the following race season. The credit under this rule will expire after one race season and is not carried forward thereafter.

    5. An entry of at least 1 pigeon per team entered must be paid for prior to the receipt of pigeons by the VFWCPR designated agents. If payment has not been received before or on 31st December 2020 the pigeons may be sold to third parties or removed from the competition.

    6. All pigeons must be vaccinated against Paramyxovirus at 21 to 24 days old, preferably with a herpes PMV combo vaccine. It would also be desirable to vaccinate against paratyphoid.

    7. Intakes by agents will be from June to October 2020.

    8. If any bird is not activated by the original entrant within 5 days after Hotspot 5 VFWCPR may sell the rights to prize money to any third party who pays the entrance fee.

    9. On conclusion of the race season some pigeons will be selected for sale. 50% of the net proceeds after sale costs for normal entries (25% for Venture/ For Sale birds) will be paid to the activator of the pigeon.



      1.                  SUPER ACE 2021 (highest points accumulated)


    PRIZE:                         US$ $600,000      (120 positions)

    COMPETITORS:      All Activated Pigeons except Venture or For Sale Birds

    ENTRY FEE:             Additional US$ 250 after main activation fee


    Precis:   A test of the absolute best birds in the world. Measured over four difficult longer races in the series. The most consistent birds over the longer hotspot races and the final will prove themselves in this tough but fair competition.



    1.        Open to all eligible activated birds as an OPTIONAL extra competition.
    2.        Entry Fee USD $250 paid before Hotspot 3. Birds must already be activated by paying the USD$ 750 main activation fee.
    3.        Staged from 4 race points as follows.
    • Hotspot 3 from approximately         318 km (197 miles)
    • Hotspot 4 from approximately         410 km (254 miles)
    • Hotspot 5 from approximately         450 km (279 miles)
    • Final from minimum                           600 km (373 miles)

           4.      Credits for lost pigeons only apply to the entry fee for the original activation and not to the additional entrance fee of USD $250. Credits will apply as outlined in the “Lost Pigeon Rule” in clause 1.3 of the main terms and conditions.


    2.                  Final Race


    PRIZE:                        US$ 440 000        (120 positions)

    COMPETITORS:      All Activated Pigeons

    ENTRY FEE:             US$ 750


    Precis:   A tough race of a minimum of 600km over semi-arid African conditions starting near Beitbridge in the Limpopo area and racing North-West, passing the city of Bulawayo and Hwange National Park with the thundering spray from the iconic Victoria Falls calling the birds home.


    3.                  Hotspot Races


    PRIZE:                        US$ 136 750        (10 positions in each Hotspot)

    COMPETITORS:      All Activated Pigeons

    RACE POINTS:        HS 1,2,3,4 &5     


    Precis:   Steadily increasing in difficulty and distance these hotspot races are a key ingredient in preparing the pigeons for the 600km final. Birds must become fit and strong while they build endurance and learn to find their route home from longer and longer distances, dealing with predators whilst navigating the heart of Africa.


    4.                  Grand Averages (points accumulated for all online flights)


    PRIZE:                        US$ 20 000          (3 positions)


    All pigeons will be included in the Grand Averages competition up to and including the 4th Hotspot result. Only pigeons activated before the basketing for the 5th Hotspot will remain in the competition thereafter.


    5.                  Team Competition (total points of 5 Team birds in each race from HS2)


    PRIZE:                        US$ 33 250          (10 positions)


    Entrants who have 5 or more activated birds basketed for Hotspot 2 may enter the team competition.

    An entrant can enter one team only and must select which 5 activated birds will be in this competition before Hotspot 2. No changes to these birds will be permitted thereafter.


    6.                  Knock-Out Competition


    PRIZE:                        US$ 20 000


    Only pigeons that have been activated by Hotspot 2 can enter the knock-out competition.

    The 1st 50% of basketed activated pigeons returning on Hotspots 2, 3, 4 & 5 will remain in the knock-out.


    7.                  Club Competition (See full terms and conditions)


    8.                  Bonus Races (See full terms and conditions)


    For all other information please visit our website

    $1,500,000 USD Enter Now

    SUMMARY Total Prizes
    Super Ace US$ 700,000 350
    Final Race US$ 400,000 290
    Team Competition US$ 200,000 5
    Hotspot Races US$ 146,250 125
    Grand Averages US$ 40,000 20
    Knock-Out Competition US$ 10,000 1
    Club Competition US$ 3,750 5
    2022 Final Race Date

    29th July 2022

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