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Newsflash 2017-03-23

    The Victoria Falls WCPR team has been busy since the final race on 28 January. All pigeons have been moved and selected in preparation for export and sale. The loft in Victoria Falls has had some modifications done to it and it has been cleaned and sterilised in preparation of the new intake. The new quarantine station in Harare is coming on steadily and will be ready to receive pigeons this year.

    All the necessary import permits have been received and sent to the shippers in the respective regions and we now await the first shipments in April.

    84 pigeons will be sent overseas to be auctioned by PIPA and another auction house. The balance of the pigeons will be auctioned online through the site My Pigeon Auctions for this year. The shipment of pigeons overseas is a lengthy and complicated process as they need to be quarantined twice and this will take several months. We will keep everyone informed of the progress.

    Any birds purchased online through My Pigeon Auctions will be shipped from Zimbabwe and quarantined in South Africa after payment of the selling price which includes the cost of shipping and quarantine. All buyers will have to make their own arrangements to collect birds from the South African Quarantine station. Overseas buyers will pay a minimum of approximately Euro 250 to ship overseas from South Africa and possibly much more if only a few birds are to be shipped. Arrangements for shipping to overseas buyers will have to be made through an agent in South Africa. There are only a few pedigrees supplied for the birds but still valuable nevertheless as the birds on sale have survived a very difficult season which was truly a “Test of the Best”.

    If any entrant wants to stand a chance of having their pigeons sold on PIPA in the future pedigrees must be supplied with the pigeons.

    Our website has been updated with the new terms and conditions which have some changes from last year.

    We will soon have log-ins active on the website through which you can check your account and in this season participate on the nominations platform on all official training tosses and hotspots.

    We wish everyone a successful racing season and good health.

    $1,500,000 USD Enter Now

    SUMMARY Total Prizes
    Super Ace US$ 700,000 350
    Final Race US$ 400,000 290
    Team Competition US$ 200,000 5
    Hotspot Races US$ 146,250 125
    Grand Averages US$ 40,000 20
    Knock-Out Competition US$ 10,000 1
    Club Competition US$ 3,750 5
    2022 Planned Final Race Date

    29th July 2022

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