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News Flash & Loft List – 2 April 2020 2020-04-02

    News Flash & Loft List – 02 April 2020

    Since we last sent out a News Flash much has changed around the world. The highly infectious Corona Virus has resulted in a major disruption to our everyday lives with many countries being in lock-down. This has affected most people in the pigeon sport and we sincerely hope that it will soon show signs of getting to an end without our members and their families succumbing to the disease.


    Pigeon training at Victoria Falls has continued despite the lock-down also being in effect in Zimbabwe. We have obtained permission to continue road training the pigeons almost daily under strict rules and social distancing. The race loft at Victoria Falls is a registered quarantine facility and it was easy to implement strict bio-security protocol. We have had to operate with reduced staff members which makes the basketing long and tedious, but we feel road tosses need to be maintained to stay on track with our training.


    We have had to limit our tossing to a maximum of 20 km from Victoria Falls and will continue to let pigeons out from different points in small groups. The lock-down is set to be lifted on 20th April and by that stage we had planned to have our first online mass liberation. This will be delayed a few days because we want to give the birds a few tosses between 20 km and 45 km before we go online.


    Our new pigeon transporter is delayed on a ship outside the port of Maputo and it’s not clear when we will receive it. We will continue to use our current vehicle as it has plenty of capacity to carry the pigeons we have.


    The pigeons are doing well and the fitness levels are increasing as expected. Health is still good with nothing of consequence seen under the microscope nor with general health checks. The hawks have still been busy but with the increased fitness our pigeons manage to mostly out manoeuvre them, although we do have some injured birds in the recovery section.


    Herewith a list of pigeons still in our loft:


    Best Regards,


    The Victoria Falls Team

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