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Super Ace & Race Week 2020 2019-08-27

    SUPER ACE - NEW ADDITIONAL Competition in 2020 - USD 200 000 PRIZE MONEY!

    1. Open to all activated birds
    2. Entry Fee 250 USD before Hotspot 3
    3. Staged from 4 race points as follows;

    Hotspot 3 from approximately 318 km (197 miles)

    Hotspot 4 from approximately 410 km (254 miles)

    Hotspot 5 from approximately 450 km (279 miles)

    Final from 620 km or further (385 miles)

    1. Any pigeon entered in the Super Ace which is lost after Hotspot 3 gets no credits in the following year


    Race Week for 2020

    • Sunday 9th August guests arrive
    • Actual race date depends on weather conditions
    • Last event prize giving Sunday 16th August


    We will send out accommodation packages as soon as we have finalised them with various hotels. If you would like to come to the race you will need to book by the end of this year to ensure you get space as August is the busiest month of the year for Victoria Falls town.

    Best regards

    The Victoria Falls Team