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2020 Race Season Terms & Conditions and Entry Forms! 2019-06-24

    This week we will not have any online training flights from 103km but will rather be tossing the birds from shorter distances daily. The next online flight will be Race 8 this Saturday, 29 June.

    2020 Race Season

    Herewith the Terms & Conditions for next year’s race in English and German as well as the entry forms in English, German and Dutch;

    There are a few small changes from the current season, we have also added 3 new competitions to the program (in addition to the ACE bird and Grand Averages Competitions);

    - Team Competition

    - Knock-Out Competition

    - Club Competition

    Please read the rules regarding these new competitions.

    Intakes for next year’s race start now in July 2019! Please contact your country agent for more details;

    We hope to receive your birds!