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Newsflash 2019-04-07

    Road training is going well with daily tosses. Up to now we have been liberating pigeons in small groups up to 6km from various directions to teach them to be less reliant on a large flock to home. This will continue until we are satisfied that the birds are coming straight home and they can be liberated from a greater distance.

    The next live toss on the Benzing system will be approximately 10km in the next few days. We will advise when this will be.

    We have a WhatsApp group for updates and short clips. Only admin can post on this group and members can leave at any time. If you would like to be added to this group you need to download the App “WhatsApp” onto your smart phone and then contact us with your name and phone number. All notices and important information will continue to be emailed out as usual.