PIPA Auction – 5 days left! - 2018-10-30

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    The PIPA Auction of the top 66 birds from our June 2018 yearling series of 600 km has been running for just over a week now. It ends on 4 November. You can follow the auction and bid on PIPA’s website;

    Use this opportunity to add some amazing birds to your stock loft!


    2019 Race Season

    A reminder that we have the following intakes still;

    Europe – deliver on 1st and 2nd November to DQVS in Netherlands

    South Africa – deliver birds by the end of October to agents

    USA and Canada – contact John E Nelson

    Middle East – deliver birds by the end of October to Kuwait agent

    Don’t miss out! Contact your agent now!


    Watch these great videos of the current birds that are being orientated around the race loft.