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Newsflash 2018-08-08

    As a service to our fanciers in our continual improvement program, Vic Falls has some exciting developments for this coming season. This includes satellite vehicle tracking of our pigeon transporter at the liberation point and additional improved communications with videos, weather conditions and news updates via WhatsApp.

    Intake dates

    We have had requests from fanciers to have a shipment in October and have therefore organised with the Dutch Quarantine and Veterinary Services to receive pigeons on 3rd and 4th October for quarantine. This is in addition to the August and September intakes already scheduled. Please contact your agent to make arrangements to send your birds.

    USA, Kuwait and South Africa will also have intakes for shipping in September and October, the details of which can be obtained from your agents.

    Our agents are on our website;

    Birds received

    Numbers at the loft at Victoria Falls are increasing steadily with the first of the Middle East pigeons having arrived yesterday and South Africa arriving for quarantine this coming week.

    We have received 1547 birds so far. 538 of these pigeons have already passed through quarantine and are out at the lofts in Victoria Falls, with some taking short flights around the loft.

    So far we have had 17 mortalities in quarantine, 1% of the intake. We continue to remain vigilant in case of disease outbreak. Please remember that proper vaccinations of pigeons 14 days before mixing with other birds increases the chance of survival dramatically. Breeders have been advised of mortalities to enable them to send replacements should they wish.

    Last season birds

    The birds destined for PIPA and to breeders requesting their birds back are awaiting veterinary clearance and permits. Once we have the necessary clearance relevant parties will be informed.


    Best regards

    The Victoria Falls Team


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