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Yearling Training Flight 2 2018-04-23

    Training Flight 2

    Scheduled for tomorrow morning, 24 April from 30 km with a liberation time of 6.45 am.

    Herewith the link to the flight;

    There are no birds currently in the Recovery Bay.


    If you would like to activate a For Sale bird kindly email us.

    Simply transfer the payment to our bank account or ask us to email a Credit Card payment request.

    Herewith our banking details;

    Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race Limited

    Stanbic Bank, Botswana

    Plot 50672, Off Machel Drive, Fairgrounds Office Park, Gaborone, Botswana

    Account Number: 9060002174389   

    SWIFT/BIC Code: SBICBWGX   (or SBICBWGXXXX if a longer code is needed)

    Sort Code: 064967