Club Competition 2021 Race Series

  1. Registered pigeon clubs with 5 members or more are invited to send 1 team of 5 birds to Victoria Falls to compete in the club competition.
  2. Prizes are determined by the Grand Average Club Bird (as per the points system used) up to and including Hotspot 5.
  3. The first bird from 5 different Clubs in the Grand Averages calculation will be awarded 1 free entry with reserves for the following season for the club it raced under.
  4. Clubs from all countries worldwide can compete.
  5. Teams must be entered and raced in the Club Name with 1 nominated contact person and a signed entry form must be provided.
  6. Birds cannot be moved from individuals to Clubs and vice versa.
  7. There is no entrance fee for the club competition. Note however that normal shipping costs payable to agents apply.
  8. In order for a bird to be eligible for any prize money pay-outs it must be paid for and activated in terms of the rules. If activated, it will enjoy full rights as a normal activated bird and will still partake in the club competition.
  9. The club competition ends with Hotspot 5 after which birds not activated will be sold to third parties or hidden.
Total Prize Money
$1,250,000 USD
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2021 Final Race Date

30th July 2021

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